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Phonefix Omaha We are a leading cellphone repair and selling company based in Omaha, Nebraska.  We have over 7 years of experience in the mobile phone repair industry  and can fulfill all your cellphone repair and buying needs.

 Phonefix Omaha,  OFFERS repair  services from cell phones screen replacement, charging port, passcode removal  and  tablets of all types and sizes. We also do activations and refills of multiple prepaid phone carriers including Verizone,  AT&T, and more. click Here to see our prices

Whether your phone needs screen replacement or has a broken charging port, our skilled workers will put it back into working order before you leave our store.

Moreover, we are a dedicated phone repair and selling company that strives to bring relief to people who are worried that their damaged phone may never recover. Therefore, if your expensive device has received any sort of damage, do not fret. Because we can patch it up right away.

Our Repair Process is Easy As 1,2,3,4



Drop it off


30-45 minutes later


Pick it up!


Our Quality Guarantee

- 100% customer satisfaction guarantee- Qualified experts- Parts and labor guaranteed- Fast and friendly service- Affordable rates- Service all major brands

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