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How to deal with a wet device

A splash, and your heart falters. Your cell phone just dropped in water. Perhaps it was a pool, a bathtub, a toilet or maybe just a small spillage. It does not matter where, but the damage has been done and now your phone needs a screen replacement.

Smart phones has become an essential part of our lives. The small, marvelous gadget that holds all your life together or at least some of it, just took a dip.

Still, do not despair so soon, there is hope yet. In fact, you could save a lot of data if you just stay calm and act fast and appropriate. Panicking will only make the matter worse.


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How to deal with wet smartphone STEP 1

Keep the phone steady

The first step is to immediately take your phone out of the wet place because the more it stays in contact with water, the more the damage. What you need to know first is the things that you absolutely shouldn’t do to your oh-so-expensive water-damaged phone. Try to keep the phone as steady as possible. This will prevent the water from flowing to the undamaged components

How to deal with wet smartphone STEP 2

                       Avoid pressing any key.

Second, do not press any keys. In fact, it is better to just switch the phone off because electrical devices don’t play well with water. Avoid rubbing or blowing in to the phone,

Avoid rubbing the phone vigorously or blowing it with a hair drier because that will just push the water in further. Do not, despite how sane it sounds, heat or freeze the phone. This will just make the matters worse

How to deal with wet smartphone STEP 3

If possible, take out the battery, SIM, and SD card

After you have switched your phone off, carefully take off the back cover and the protective case. Then, try taking out the battery, sim and SD card. If it’s not possible, just keep the phone upright. Keep your phone in a cool, dry place and use a towel to gently dry it.

How to deal with wet smartphone STEP 4

Vacuum the phone

Next, you could try vacuuming it a little as this will suck out the water. Now comes the hardest part, you should wait till the phone is completely dry. However difficult this may seem, waiting patiently will protect your phone from further harm.

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